Memorial Flight and the Svedino’s Automobile and Aviation Museum have teamed up for an ambitious european project which aims to restore to flying condition the FFVS J 22 “Gul Erik”, a monument of the Swedish aeronautical heritage. Built on August 8 1944 as the 49th number, it is the oldest of all three survivors. It was struck of charge on December 7 1950 and used as a wind machine for paratrooper’s ground training. Saved from being scrapped in 1972 by the founder of the Svedinos Museum, Lennart Svedfelt, the J22 was restored to static condition. A throughout expertise shows that it is 95% complete, save the skin, and could be restored to flying condition. Both the determination of the Svedinos Museum and the well known reputation of Memorial Flight in the field of aircraft restoration are a unique opportunity for the swedish and european public to see this elegant and extraordinary machine back in the air again. This also would be a tribute to the swedish know how and to its genial designer Bo Lundberg. After having the fighter delivered safely by Kintetsu World Express at our workshop near Paris in France, the J 22 is now being restored to airworthy conditions, following Memorial Flight’s standard of authenticity. Once the needed funds are raised, the J 22 will then be able to grace the European sky again.